Sunday, August 7, 2011

picture and image

Picture and image is a video installation which touches upon the problem of a picture – its realation towards the worlds and the uncertain possibility of its description in satysfactory way. The motion of a picture has lost its present meaning, or has come off the plane and then it has become ubiquitons. One may say it has been seularized. The huge number of pictures of pictures of pictures... this number has increased in a geomatrical order. Consequently, the subject of a picture has disappeared. The image ascribed to the illustration process becomes a picture itself whereas the picture become an image. The picture of a video film, the picture of equipment, the picture of the whole – the picture of picture. The picture and the image haggle with each other; the fatigue and the boredom result in an argument on the picture? or the image?. The self-satisfying process has lost its justification – having been sterilized it remains for itself only.

2012 - Artificial fullmoon, Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, Wroclaw (PL)
2008 - The third part, Architecture Museum, Wrocław (PL)
2006 - Like painted pictures, Bielska Gallery BWA, Bielsko Biała (PL)
2005 - 6th national painting exhibition / 7th Eugeniusz Geppert’s contest, BWA avant-garde Gallery, Wroclaw (PL) award of the Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław / award of the Dolonośląskie Province Governor

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