Saturday, August 6, 2011


The Greentrix project draws on the virtual, digitally generated reality (greentrix - matrix). The human, connected at their own wish to technological interfaces loses contact with nature. The ideas of returning there seem a utopia. As one watches the progressive destruction of the blue planet by the most aggressive and rapacious being, the human, one cannot help the impression that reclamation of the Amazonian rainforests or the polluted river deltas is not feasible anymore. I fear that soon the immaculate greenery will become only a virtual domain we may move upon, as in a computer game, without gravity and feeling omnipotent, yet always being outside of it. Greentix is a cube that a viewer may enter. The cube whose 4 walls are synchronised, interactive projections which create the impression of being on the move.

2012 - Geo-Genesis - GEO SpaceLabDoc, 5-th International Geoparks Conference of UNESCO, Shimabara (Japan)
2011 - Going Green, Crossing Art Gallery, New York (USA)

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