Tuesday, August 16, 2011

(not) to be continued

On 9 LCD screens one can see a broken-down image of pouring liquid – blood. One can also see a drowning personage. The image looks as if it was frozen in nine ice blocks. On two LED boards there appear the words never and always juxtaposed with the words later, now, today, tomorrow.
NTBC (not) to be continued? The attempt to diagnose the non-linearity of the passage of time (the breakdown of one image into 9), its relativity, but also irrevocability of events – without the possibility of appeal. Despite the attempts to capture the moment, stopping the image, the memory oftentimes remains a cold ice block. But the time has thickened and changed its state.
NTBC nevertheless to be continued...the title can be read also this way... or, in a completely different way.

2007 - (not) to be continued, XX1 Gallery, Warsaw (PL)
2007 - Festival of young art Draft, The Castle of Pomeranian Princes, Szczecin (PL)

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