Friday, June 24, 2011


fallout is inspired by an old RPG – „fallout 2”. The Generator of Eden Creation Kit is a device which serves to recreate an ecosystem destroyed by a cataclysm/pandemonium/nuclear-technological apocalypse. The programmers’ vision of the world is called wasteland which might be interpreted as: undeveloped land, wilderness, barren ground, fallow, desert, cultural desert. The aim of player is to find that G.E.C.K. The technologically advanced equipment which can return the wasteland to life, revitalise it, rectify the effects of the cataclysm, fill the void with life-giving content, revive the dried-out springs. The player, as a fictitious character in the game, executes a range of missions, covers vast expanses of the wasteland in search of the craved salvation of humanity represented by group of peasants/savages lost in culture and civilisation.
The use of concepts taken from fallout consists in the fact that a range of electronic-organic objects which constitute the installation, with pre-programmed behaviour functions; attempt to relate to the ‘empty-filled’, ‘destroyed-reclaimed’ arrangement.
The G.E.C.K. object – resembling a curious generator, emulates the functions of the fallout’s G.E.C.K. It searches for specific satellite images of the Earth thanks to dedicated software which contains the encoded features of the wasteland. Being only an algorithm, the results of the search are frequently surprising and do not tally with the stereotypical representation of a desert, waste, undeveloped land. Depending on the results, the programme attempts to reanimate the organic samples (placed in special containers), introducing specific substances (oxygen, water, chlorophyll). Unfortunately, due to erroneous interpretation of the images or incorrect proportions of administered substances the actions often lead to the death of a given organism, to a change of its constitution. On its remains a new life springs. One would say that no death has taken place, but energy was transferred onto a different organism.

2011 - fallout, XX1 Gallery, Warsaw (PL)
2010 - Mediations Biennale, Beyond Mediations, Centrum Kultury Zameki, Poznan (PL)

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